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SEO Tools Description

Through this new Hostico partnership, the first of its kind in Romania, Hostico team offers to its clients SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools designed to help in creating a strong online presence.

The applications are offered for free for an indeterminate time, so you can always benefit from the advice and optimizations offered by these applications.

The set of SEO tools offered consist of multiple applications, each with a well-defined function that will help in detecting problems that prevents you to get better results in page listing on Google and other major search engines.

SEO applications will list your site in Google, Bing, Yahoo and others within a maximum of 24 hours, and if your site is already in the search engines then this situation will be significantly better by updating with properly generated information. All this in just 30 seconds by using this set of applications.

Available Applications

Get In Google - It automatically signs up your website with search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others or updates the description and/or title of your website.

Link Building - Generates an integral sitemap of all the pages in your website and at the same time submits the sitemap to Google.

Seo Tools - Gives you the possibility to activate some of the services provided by Attracta like:

  • Meta Tags: Finds the missing or duplicate metatas and generetas a detailed report about them.
  • Broken Links: Analyzes the website and reports the broken (Error 500), missing (Error 404) and forbidden (Error 403) links.
  • Site Uptime: Helps you monitor the uptime of your website through remote monitoring and alerts you via email of any downtime before it affectes your business, reputation and customers.


Seo Tips - Tool which redirects you to some resources which will help you gain a better understanding of SEO procedures, implementations and implications.

Increase Website Trafic - This tool will automatically subscribe your website to Google check the IP in Google blacklist, Google indexes and builds strong links.

One click sitemap - Generates an integral sitemap and submits it to Google.